Introducing the Quail to Their New Home

Today's the day! The sun is shining, the cage is clean...

Ah! The cage is clean!

Where are the quail you ask? They are all comfy and warm in their brooder box, but not for long. The long awaited day is finally here. They babies are going outside.

The brooding process came to an end about a week ago. That's when we decided to put the babies in the garage without their heating plate. We wanted them to get used to the temperature slowly while still being protected from the elements.  I have seen a lot of people raise their quail in the garage from the day they are hatched, but we chose not to this. They were inside the first 3 weeks of life because it was getting around 40 degrees at night, and I just felt that was too cold for the wee ones since we don't use a heat lamp.

Once we reached 3 weeks, though, out to the garage they went. They were fully feathered on their heads and we spending no real time under the heating plate, so I felt comfortable moving them.

I want to give a quick shout out to my husband who is actually the one who moved them because I was on a cruise that week.

Anyway, they spent the next week without their heater in the garage. They were checked often during that week to ensure that they weren't huddling together. They seemed completely fine. They were walking around like it was no big deal. The little troopers.

When it was time to let them into their new home, we made sure there was lots of fresh hay, food, and water available. They were first put into the inclosed area of the pen since it feels more secure. They were allowed to venture out whenever they felt ready. Apparently that was in about 1 minute.

It was quick. They were exploring their new environment and immediately started pecking at the bits of seed we sprinkled around. We figured if we spread out seed, it would encourage scratching and it really did. They were thrilled.

The only one not thrilled about this whole process was the dog. Lolli very much still wants to eat the quail. The babies were cool with it. They had spent the first few weeks of their life with the pup's face glued to the side of their brooder box, so they thought nothing of it.

I think Lolli thinks she is Pointer. I don't see a point in telling her she not and breaking her little heart.

Lolli has never even so much as sniffed a quail. No quail were harmed in the taking of this pup photo.
All in all, the transition was smooth. They took to their new home like a duck to a hot knife to a pig to sh...well you get the idea.

This little farming adventure is getting real y'all.


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