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Breeding Coturnix Quail

As some of you may know by now if you follow us on Instagram , I LOVE baby quail. They are undoubtably the cutest things alive. They weigh nothing and they are only as tall as your thumb. It's ridiculous.  But anyway. Breeding animals because they are cute isn't what we do around here on the Mini City Farm. We breed quail because it grows our covey (the name for a group of quail) and sustains our family. Everyone on the farm has a job. The job of those cute baby smooshies (yes they have many nicknames) is to grow and produce either eggs or meat. The only thing on the farm, and that includes me and my husband, that doesn't have a job is Lolli the dog . Don't get me wrong, she is awesome, but is definitely just around for the cuddles. I mean, at least the cat keeps the house free of bugs and small critters. MALE SELECTION  Juvenile Roo with Rust Color Chest Feathers Deciding on the right male was a pretty big priority for me. It's extremely important to pick a breedin

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